Your compressor is old and you want to upgrade it. Trust the experienced team of Compresseur SupAir Inc. to carry out its work. 

We take care of everything with the sole aim of giving you back a rejuvenated and efficient compressor at an unbeatable quality/price ratio. 


We can : 

  • Rebuild the screw, 
  • Rebuild the motor and the fan motor; 
  • Redo all the hydraulic hoses; 
  • Replace the entire control system with our SupAir control system; 
  • Replace the compressor control sensors (network pressure, sump pressure and temperature) 
  • Replace various components such as: the air intake valve, the thermostatic valve, the minimum pressure valve; etc; 
  • Recertify your machine to the CSA SPE-1000 standard ensuring compliance with the electrical standard. 

Such a refurbishment comes with a guarantee giving you peace of mind. Contact us before choosing to replace your used compressor. All our proposals are free of charge. 

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