Industrial compressor problems are critical
They can have major impacts for your business


A feeling of insecurity in the face of the instability of production

impacts financiers

Major financial impacts for the company

clients insatisfaits

Unsatisfied customers


A reputational risk

Never have to worry again to lack air

At SupAir, we know that it is inconceivable for a company run out of compressed air and a stop production leads to major impacts. This is why, in addition to manufacturing reliable and durable compressors, we have built a maintenance service unique that ensures peace of mind to our SUPAIR customers.

  1. Allow us to visit your facilities and analyze your needs
  2. We will offer you a solution that will meet your immediate and future needs
  3. We will estimate usage time and schedule your next service without you having to call us.
  4. Become one of our SUPAIR clients

Our services

Peace of mind In addition to designing, manufacturing and installing reliable and durable industrial compressors, we take care of the maintenance and repair of compressors of all brands.



No service contract, we only travel when maintenance is due.

Paix d’esprit

Peace of mind

We take care of everything to ensure adequate preventative maintenance of your equipment.



We are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs.



Our technicians are experienced to meet your high performance standards.



The assurance of the best quality/price ratio.

Our products